Vision! To see anything, You must first believe it is there.

vision board


The laws of attraction and other Universal laws tell us that what we focus our attention on, in thought word and deed, will truly manifest.

Weather we are conscious of this or not, it is evident that we are the creators of our own destiny.

Everything we are and will ever be starts in the mind. When we concentrate our positive energy on things we DO want the Universe responds by bringing it in to our lives.

We communicate with the Universe with our minds. The images we hold dear become requests and therefore either way we always get what we ask for.

If you are worrying about debts and bills and other things that get you down, then all of your energy will be focused on that, sending out messages to the Universe that you want more of the same.

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Shift your attention to all of the wonderful things you know you deserve and begin to attract them.

Act as if you have aleady received your dream life and begin to feel the joy within you.

Be grateful each day and accept that where you are now is a direct effect of what you were thinking previously.

Visualisatiion is a wonderful way to practice 'Being' in your dream life.

Many people have vision boards on their walls at home.

So why not have a vision page!

I have added some of my desire's for my dream life below. These are simply images I found on Google.

Please create your own Vision Page and visit it daily to remind your self what you are aiming for.

There is no limit to how big you can dream. Infact, the bigger the better I say :o)

If you are interested in Spiritual art to give as a thoughtful gift, you and your friends can gain insights and wisdom as you enjoy the detailed work of award winning spiritual artist Ed Parkinson.


I have Abundance daily, my cup is always overflowing. There is more than enough for everyone.


I am minding my OWN business. Sharing my experience with others and creating daily.


I enjoy giving to charity and helping to support others.

google cheques

I am receiving massive cheques daily in the mail.

healthy, mind, body

I am in perfect health. I have a balanced mind, body and spirit.

joy, love, light, happiness

Joy is my most natural state of being.

family, loving, husband, wife, perfect

I love the time spent with my loving family.

mansion, beautiful house, rich, wealth

One of my mansions ;o)

money, pounds, cash, dosh

Money comes to me easily. I have an abundance of cash always!

money magnet

Business and pleasure attracts huge amounts of money to me. I am a money magnet.

island, tropical, dream, honeymoon

I love my private Island in the sun.

platinum disc, music

My album has gone platinum baby. Heee Heeeee

audi r8, white

My weekend ride!

See, easy as that. I had fun creating my Vision page and now you can do the same.


What would your Dream life look like?

Please create your Vision Page!

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