by Amal Hirsi

I just wanna get away

I just wanna get away

Have you ever felt convinced of something where things never go the way you want it to go?

Where things lie beneath your hand? Where the truth doesn't really matter? Where you can say the rudest and meanest thing straight from your thought to someone and they will take that as a compliment?

Where opinions matter, where criticism is the most reliable thing. Where racism doesn't go to a flaw?

Where people are so abnormal they obtain a high degree in sociology? Where literature is only seen from poetry and nothing else?

Where gay people are much appreciated, but obese people are hated for? Where things fall to you in a magnificent way?

Where all people have knowledge? Where being a drop out does not exist? Where toys don't matter because of kids maturity?

Where all people are respected for who they are, Where in one city there are various schools with educated scholars?

Where being open-minded can cash you all the money in the world? Where being young is ever so lasting? Where your career doesn't really matter?

Where fame is nothing but spit coming from a elderly person? Where fashion is dull because it doesn't differ from one's character? Where time goes on to be a breathless interruption?

Where love doesn't come to a conversation because it signifies pity? Where gossip goes around every .01 seconds of people with low-self esteem? Where countries unite in a almighty force? Where nature brings out the beauty in the world? Where hate is a shadow that you can never let go?

Where doubt takes place of encouragement? Where we ask ourselves, what can victory entail if the one I love is mad at me?

Why are you wondering, when its simply a imagination, fantasy, a thought.

The world is not perfect and its never the same as years goes by.

A perfect world would only start crime, because what is here is here, what is a fantasy from someone only belongs in a dark heart.

A dark heart resembles someone with crime overall.

So why imagine?

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