Why are people so different?

by David

I am directly opposite to my sister and friends
And seemingly everyone else. But we have been influenced by the same things so what makes us different?


We are all unique individual's and as such we all have differences, however we are not that much different from anyone else. We all have insecurities its just that some people fit in to boxes easier than others.

Everyone reacts different to their environment, and although you may be raised in the same home or attend the same school your perception of events and situations will differ from others naturally based on how you have interprueted experiences throughout your life thus far.

At different stages of our lives we will encounter people that we seem to just 'click' with and at other times we will feel awfully alone. Even in a room full of people.

Instead of focusing on all the things you 'Dont' hold in common with others, start to realize all that you do have. We all hurt, cry, laugh, fear, love, desire and wonder. We all share the universal breath and have hopes and dreams for ourselves and others.

Remember that as you grow you will evolve and change, meeting wonderful people along the way! Enjoy the experience and see your difference as 'unique' You are a one off!

Hope this helps.

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