Why so hard for life and love

by Nerida

I feel this pain right deep inside, I look at myself and wonder why I feel this pain each and everyday starting from this point where its driving me insane..

One day the day will come not far from where I fill it from down deep inside Its in my mind, no one understands what I try to say when I get these feelings somethings gonna happen oneday...

Its hard for me it really is, I lay here crying im full of tears..

Im scared of what's gonna happen to me and what I might just lose..

I'm so afraid of what god may choose!

I wish my girl was here to wipe away my tears and make me smile just to see her here.. I love her so much I dont ever wanna lose her, she is the one for me and im so lucky I got to choose her...

My love for you my girl is so strong it's called 'true love' you know that song.

This love it hurts, but I could never live without you because we are meant to be just you and me... You are the greatest thing thats happen to me.

I could never leave or hurt you so bad im to in
love with you and you know that.

I love you baby and always will!

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