Without A Will

by Evin C.
(Rowland Heights, CA, US)

With a clouded heart and mind
The contract for my soul has been signed.
To the Devil I sold,
Not a lie has been told.

This life I want to end,
The hole in my heart seems to forever deeepen.
Suicide I shall gratefully commit,
With a bullet, I shall be hit.

The love I have for her had been cruelly butchered.
My will to live has finally faded.
My time has arrived to be with the departed.

Without a will to fight for,
Let me die with no rancor.

Note: This was my FIRST poem I wrote on my own.
So, most likely, there are some mistakes that could be
fixed. So please, don't be too harsh, as this was
the only way I could relieve the sadness I had to go through 2 years ago. Critiques/suggestions are wholeheartedly welcomed!

Victoria's Answer

Dear Evin

Thank you for sharing. I am sorry that you feel so low and I am honored that you chose poetry as your outlet.

This is the reason I created this website, to inspire and uplift people just like you.

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And dont forget to check the guidance offered on here too.

Love and Light


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Sep 17, 2012
Thanks NEW
by: Evin C.

Thank you! It's just that when I read it over again, it sounds choppy and incomplete. I tried my best to follow the rules of the Italian sonnet, but I ended up straying away from it in the end.

Sep 16, 2012
Nice NEW
by: Soumya

Your poem is really nice, in respect of your first poem. Keep writing, poetry does not value the errors, it values what your heart says

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