by Olivia

Two days I spent contemplating, thinking,
my fury snowballed, started off like a spec of dust but soon it grew.

Your crimes remained the same small and few
but I managed to convince myself otherwise,
as you sat there innocent, my hatred grew
your smiles mocked me to the very core
your happiness taunted me.

So I plotted on sharpening the daggers which soon I would plunge into you and twist and push and stab until they were ingrained and intrenched and there for eternity.

But when the magic moment came and the first blow you felt the satisfaction I had long since apprehended was an absolution which never came.

I had asked for a bike but had instead got a scooter instead of pleasure my attack brought me guilt which consumed me.

Utterly and completely like a waterfall it came pouring down on me, and hand in hand with my happiness my world came crashing down on me.

What we had lay tattered and broken of the floor
I had ripped it apart without hesitation and now I would feel the consequences and although as time passed we managed to piece it back together
and stich up the gaping wounds that I had hacked at the scars which remained still plagued us.

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Mar 11, 2012
Deep NEW
by: Anonymous

Wow.. That is deep and meaningful, Have you got anymore? I can really relate to this poem.

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